vCloudPoint Zero Client New Technology and Cost Saving Computing


What is vCloudPoint ?

vCloudPoint zero clients, combined with vMatrix Server Manager software, provides an innovative way of desktop  computing — Sharing Computing, which delivers the same PC experience desktops to users at a fraction of the cost of a  typical PC solution, while still offering a variety of benefits over PCs.

S100 Zero Client

The vCloudPoint zero client is a network  computer terminal that effectively allows  multiple of its users to simultaneously share  the untapped resources of a PC desktop.

vCloudPoint zero client is also referred to as ultra thin client, because it contains no moving parts but centralizes all processing and storage  to just what is running on the host. As a result, it requires no local driver to install, no patch management, and no local operating system  licensing fees or updates. The device consumes very little power and is tamper-resistant and completely incapable of storing any data locally,  providing a more secure endpoint.

Dynamic Desktop Protocol (DDP)

vCloudPoint Zero Client utilize its innovative Dynamic Protocol Desktop for remote desktop display. This protocol is purpose built for zero clients and is designed to make efficient use of the network bandwith and host resources, delivering a user experience that is equivalent to or even better than a business PC.

What is vMatrix Server Manager ?

The vMatrix Server Manager software, running on the host PC, enhances the overall functionality and usability of the sharing system by offering connection brokering, graphic acceleration, audio and USB redirection, centralized management. IT administrators can configure, monitor and manage the endpoint devices and users centrally and simply at the server side through the front-end console.

Why vCloudPoint Zero Client ?

  1. Optimized Performance
  2. Zero Configuration
  3. Customizable User Experience
  4. Windows 10 Ready
  5. User Isolation
  6. Client Rendering

Benefits vCloudPoint Zero Client

  1. Reduce initial and ongoing IT Cost

a. Savings in Total Cost of Ownership

b. Savings in Power Consumption

c. Savings in Maintenance Cost

d. Saving in Future Upgradation

2. Simplified Administration

a. Centralized Management

b. Quick Deployment

c. Remote Support

3. Improved Work Eficiency

a. Reduce unplanned downtime

b. Enable File Sharing

c. Roam from Any Client

4. Enhanced Security

a. Eliminate Virus Infection

b. Allow Securities Policies

c. Prevent from Data Lost

5. Environmental Friendly

a. Save valuable Desktop Space

b. No Noise on Working

c. Much Less Heat and E-Waste

                        * Extended 1 to 30 user


  1. Rich Multimedia Support
  2. Reliable & High Quality Audio
  3. Broad USB Peripherals Support
  4. Great System & Display Support
  5. Efficient Resources Utilization
  6. Simple to Set-Up and Use
  7. Powerful Management Tools
  8. Secure User Isolation

Highly Recommendation

  1. Small / Medium Sized Business
  2. Educational and Academic Institution (Colleges, Universities and Technical Schools)
  3. Service Companies (Customer Service, Banks & etc.)
  4. Public Spaces (Hotels, Casino, Libraries, Restaurants, Cybercafe & etc.)

Zero Client Computing – Not Just Cost Saving

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