Thai For Beginners : How To Speak Thai


Do you want to travel to Thailand as a tourist ? Do you know how to speak thailand ? You’ve come to the right place. Lot’s of words and sentences you can learn here. Enjoy.

Thai For Beginners : How To Speak

First word in Thai
Hello            = Sa wad di krap
Thank you   = kob khun krap
How are u ? = khan sabah di mai ?
* Basically men use “Krap” at the end of a sentence

How much ?          =    tao rai ?
Where is the bathroom ? =   hog nam yo ti nai ?
Please help me     =    chuei day mai ?
Can                        =    dai
Can’t                      =    mai dai
Welcome (as in welcome to my home) = yin dee krap
Wait                       =    roh sakru
I                              =    pom
come                     =    ma
come from            =    ma jak
I come from England       =    pom ma jak England
I love Thailand      =     pom ran meuang Thailand
I love u                   =    pom rak khun
I don’t know          =    pom mai ru krap
want                       =    ao krap
don’t want             =    mai ao krap
I know                    =    pom ru krap
I like it                    =    pom chob krap
i don’t like it          =    pom mai chob krap

Try To Speak

Have                     =      mi
I have                    =     pom mi
I don’t have          =     pom mai mi
You have              =     khun mi
You don’t have    =     khun mai mi
Can’t hear you    =     pom dai yin khun
I can hear you     =     pom dai yin khun
work                     =     tam ngan
why                      =     tam mai
I think                  =     pom kid wa
I am sick              =    pom mai sabai
good                    =    di
heart                    =    jai
happy                  =    di jai (literally good heart)
I’m happy            =    Pom mi cuam suk / pom sabai di
broken                 =    sia
I’m sad                =     pom sia jai (literally I have broken heart)
I’m sorry             =     pom koh tot
I’m confused      =     pom sap son
Never mind         =     mai pen rai
lot / many            =     mak
hurt / pain           =     jeb
I forget                =     pom leum leu
Where is ?          =      yu nai ?
Over there          =     ti nun
here                    =      ti ni
friend                  =     peuang

what                      =      arai krap
When                     =     meu rai
I have a problem  =      pom mi pan ha
afraid                    =      klua
Frightened / scared = pom klua
Smells bad           =      men
Good                    =      di
Very good            =      di mak
Bad                       =      mai di
to look                  =      du
to see                   =      hen
again                    =      ik krang
to tell a lie            =      pood go hok
to promise           =      sanya
sorry                    =      ko tot
to sleep               =      non / lap
to wake up          =      tuen
good night          =      fun di krap

Special words

To love                =      rak
Preety                 =      na ruk
Beautiful             =      suay
Like                     =      chob
Kiss                     =      jup


Food Vocabulary

Eat                      =      gin
drink                   =      deun
Food                   =      a hun
Candies              =      ka nom
Have eaten already ?   =   gin leu yang krap ?
Rice                    =      kao
To eat                 =      gin kao (literally eat rice)
I am hungry       =      pom hew kao
Are you hungry ?          =   khun hew kao mai ?
tasty                   =      aroy
I have eaten already, thanks    =    pom gin leu krap
I am full, thanks            =   pom im leu krap

Date and Time

Now                   =      ton ni
Today                =      wan ni
tonight              =      keun ni
this morning    =      chao ni
tomorrow         =      prung ni
yesterday         =      meu wan
hour                  =      mong
What time is it ?       =      ton ni gi mong krap ?

The word leu (layoh) is added at the end of a sentence to make it past tense

I have               =       mi
I have already =       mi leu (me layoh)
I speak / say   =       pood
I spoke / said  =       pood leu
I have come    =       ma leu
go                    =       pai
gone                =       pai leu
go where         =       pai nai
go now            =       pai diao ni

room               =       hong
water              =       nam
toilet               =       hong nam
Where is the toilet ?       =       hong nam yu nai ?
To understand                =       kao jai
Don’t understand           =       mai kao jai
rain                 =       fon
raining            =       fon tok
Shower          =       ab nam
maybe / perhaps           =       bang ti
Play                =      len
Funny             =     Sanook
Small              =     lek
Large              =     yai
Fast                =     reu
Slow               =     Cha

Thai For Beginners : How To Speak Thai

A Few Simple Tips

To make a question just add “mai” at the end
To make the negative add “mai” at the beginning

Are you hungry ?        =       khun hew kao mai ?
Are you happy ?         =       khun di jai mai ?
Do you have a boyfriend ?      =     kun mi fan mai ?

No thanks                   =       mai ao krap
No problem                =       mai pen rai

What is your name ? =       khun cheu arai ?
You are very beautiful            =     khun suay mak
You are very pretty   =       khun naruk mak
You have a beautiful smile    =     khun yim suay mak
I like you                    =       pom chob khun
I will love you a long time      =     pom rak khun nan leu
Come watch a movie             =     pai du nang
Come to eat             =       pai gin kao

Crazy                        =       ba
You are crazy           =       khun ba
You are very crazy   =      khun ba mak
Dump / Silly              =      ting tong


The more you try to speak it, the more you’ll learn, and Thai people really DO appreciate visitors that attempt their language. 

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